Monday, December 9

Beauty Haul

This is my first "Beauty Haul" blog post. Get excited!! I know I don't always post about beauty related topics, other than eye shadows or lipsticks, but I wanted to share what I recently purchased at the drugstore. Some are a little unexpected and others are just things I wanted to try out.

And I realize now as I'm about to display this list to you, five out of the six are eye or lip products. Obviously I need to branch out for the next time I go shopping. For now, I hope that at least one of these six items will end up in your makeup bags.

[oneMaybelline Master Smoky Longwearing Shadow Pencil in Emerald Fury
In my last haul, I purchased this pencil in Blue Blaze and was in love. I knew I wanted to go back and try one of the other colors. They also offer a black, brown, gray, and purple. All of those I could achieve with eye shadows already in my makeup bag, but not the dark green.

When I think of a smoky eye, I always think of blacks or browns, so that is what interests me about using the green. The pencil is thicker than a normal eye liner so you can line your eyes quickly, smudging it with the sponge on the other end of the stick.

1) Line your eyelid with a thick line almost up to the crease. 2) Blend to a little above the crease and out to the corners making a wing. 3) Line your lower lash line all the way out to the corners meeting with the color above. 4) Blend both lines until you achieve the smokiness and wings that you desire.

Someone remind me in a couple of days because I definitely want to show you a pictorial!!

[two] Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Stick in Tempting Turquoise
I've seen so many MUAs using this type of blue pencil on their lower lash line and I wanted to try it too! The color might be more something that you use in the Spring or Summer, but none the less, it's still something fun to use.

I didn't realize that I bought it in waterproof so it was a little difficult wiping it off at night. The consistency was just as creamy as the Maybelline pencil above. Many people complain about how "cheap" Rimmel products are but I have yet to be disappointed. Here are some pics of celebrities that I hope might inspire you to create the same look.

[three] Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry
I've mentioned this stuff in a previous post, but I can't say enough about it. Before this, I think the only Revlon product I owned was some old foundation. And I haven't used that stuff in years. BUT, I know that they have their shiz together when it comes to makeup products.

Because of my big lips (not bragging, just a fact), it's hard for me to pull off certain lipsticks. I can't wear lip gloss at all because my lips will look ginormous shine of the shine. And I have to be super careful that the regular lipsticks don't have much of that gloss-effect either. Then last year sometime, I started wearing the matte lipsticks and have been in love ever since.

Sultry is the perfect brick-red color that can be worn with anything. I love that even though it is brick-ish, it is still blue-based, so it will flatter every skin tone. Some matte lipsticks can dry out your lips, but this stuff doesn't, surprisingly.

[four] L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara
This particular mascara has only been out on the market for a few months now and I really like it. It's got longer bristles on the ends to make your outer lashes super thick and a butterfly's wings!!

My co-worker bought it before me and said she couldn't use it because she applied her mascara with the same hand. So when she applied it to her left eye with her right hand, the longer bristles were on the inside of that eye, and that just didn't work. She gave it to me and now I'm using it.

I like that the bristles are more plastic-feeling as opposed to brush-feeling. New mascara with brushes feel very light when I use them and I feel like the plastic bristles really coats each lash a lot more. So I've been very pleased with this stuff.

[five] Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Easy Going
When I used to work at Francesca's, they sold these mini nail polishes by Bonita. I had what I thought was my perfect nude/pink color, but I've misplaced it. I remembered it was called Salmon but have since found out that they have renamed some of their colors.

I bought this new polish at Target and am in love all over again. I know everyone's perfect nude is different, but this is it for me. The best part about this polish is that it's thick enough to paint over the white tips of my nails. Most pale colors like this are too see-through, but not this one. I'm super happy that I randomly picked it from the shelf. I know it looks super white here, but it's really a pale pink in real life.

[six] Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless
This is the same stuff as number three just in a different color. I wore it in this outfit post and will wear it for a very long time. This is seriously THE PERFECT purple matte lipstick. It's not too much of the traditional purple. And it's not too dark either. Jiminy Crickets!! Just go out and buy it. DO IT!!

Have you guys been doing any beauty hauls lately? Pick up anything from Black Friday that you've been dying to show the world? Comment below on any suggestions for me to buy or link up your blog and I'll check out your haul!

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  1. Great beauty finds, thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from the linkup!

  2. Sounds like a good haul! I love the lipstick in the last pic. I just purchased a Maybelline color very similar that I love!

    Thanks for linking up :) And P.S. Love the blog name ;)

  3. In every picture your make-up looks so so so amazing!!!

  4. Gah I can barely do the minimal make I do--yours is gorgeous!

    1. Haha. Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors!

  5. Love the turquoise liner look! And ive been meaning to try that butterfly mascara! Thanks for reminding me haha

    BTW, im hosting a "Tell All Tuesdays" Blog Hop with Fitness Blondie. Join us :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

    1. I've been a little delayed with today's post, but I'm linked up now. Thanks!! :-)

  6. I've just done my first haul too, I've just found your blog, deffo following you, i like when swatches are done like yours, hope you like mine too x Becki x

  7. It's very nice haul.. Love it! :)