Tuesday, December 31

New Year's Resolution

After reading a few women's blogs who chose this as their "New Year's Resolution", I talked to J and we decided we wanted to do one of our own. It's not so much about cutting something out of our lives come January 1, but really changing how things will be for our future.

What is the resolution, already?!
We have decided to cut out any unnecessary spending. You think it can be done very easily, but when you have someone like me who needs that sweater with the spikes on the shoulders and thinks she can't live without the furry vest OR I'LL DIE, then you might have a problem. There are more important things in life. Like makeup. Or SHOES. Nope, those are going too.

Why are you doing it?
We wanted to turn around our expenses in a way that reformatted our brains. Like why do I feel the need to buy something with every new trend? Or why does J feel the need he has to buy PC video games just because they're in some dope bundle? Now that we have been in our own house, expenses moved to wall decor and patio furniture and floral cookware on top of the purses and Mellow Yellow. Something's gotta go. Annnd cutting silly things out will help in paying off J's student loans. Yikes!

Do you have to do it? Is there some secret addiction we should know about that you need the money for?
Nope. No one is really making us do this. We just want to. I know J is secretly laughing inside because this resolution is going to affect me more than it will him. He's already devised a plan to still get those PC games if all the proceeds go to charity. How can I pass up food going to a kid in Zimbabwe??

What are you going to do with all the free time?
I would say watch a crap-ton of TV, but that's not very life-fulfilling either. So I'm going to take on crafty projects with items I already have, actually work-out, play the piano and/or start cooking more. Hell, I might even learn to speak Spanish again.

How long are you planning on keeping this resolution?
Simple. Year start to year end. And if things continue into 2015, so be it.

What are some things you can't buy?
   Accessories (jewelry, hair things, scarfs, gloves, etc.)
   Magazines (these include subscriptions, so if the current ones run out, I'm not renewing)
   Books (unless they are essential or educational)
   DVDs (Netflix totally counts because the subscription had begun before this resolution)
   Crafty things
   Fast Food
   Home furniture & decor

So what can you buy?
   Makeup (just the essentials, unless the other runs out as well)
   Essential clothing (socks, undies, bras--if needed, etc.)
   Gifts for others (birthdays, weddings, Christmas, etc.)
   A meal out (ONLY if out with a group of people or date night--which isn't that often)
   Haircuts (for J only--I'm letting mine grow out, so I MIGHT need a trim later on)
   Cat items (food and litter, but no toys)
   Travel expenses
   Gym membership
   Movies (if with 3+ people are involved in the outing)

What do you hope to get out of this?
I feel like we would appreciate life a whole lot more. We'll probably look back and laugh at the things we used to buy and realize that it wasn't worth it. I want to be able to be satisfied with my life without the extra-ness. Yup. I want to be happy without all the extra crap lying around the house.

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