Monday, November 18

November Ipsy Glam bag

I'm really excited with this glam bag. With the theme of "Glam it Up", I knew there must be something sparkly or glittery involved. And at the very least, I better get some sort of red lip product. WHAM BAM, THANK YOU MA'AM! I got it all. The products came in this gold snakeskin clutch with a pink zipper and surprisingly they were able to squeeze six things in there. And without further ado, your reveals:

I've gotten this brand nail polish before but it was in my very first glam bag so I'm okay with getting another this many months later. The first color was a pretty orange, very fitting for Summer, and this one is a gorgeous Winter color. It will go with everything.

This will be the third time receiving a pencil by Starlooks. The first I loved because it was a kohl eye liner. The second I hated because it was this weird mauve-y lip liner. And this one I'm in the middle about because it's silver, sparkly, and brings me back to middle school where all I wore was silver eye shadow and some gel glitter on top. Yep, I was THAT girl. But, I will say that I've seen it on some celebrities worn only on their lower last line. I'm not sure that I'll actually wear this out anywhere, but I'll play around with it and see what I can come up with. (See swatch below)

I'm not sure that you can purchase this color solo but I'd be cool with getting the entire palette for only fifteen bucks. Eighteen colors plus some really interesting marbled shadows has me hooked! I've done a couple of mahogany smoky eye tutorials on some friends in the past and this color is almost the exact same. So if I didn't already own it, I'd totally love it! I've gotten some other shadows by this brand in previous glam bags and the quality is pretty good. The colors really shine when you wear some sort of primer underneath. (See swatch below)

Let me just start by saying I have a hard time buying lipsticks that are $8, much less $14. With that aside, I LOVE this lip crayon. I have your true red and ruby red lipsticks in my possession. I even have your pink-y reds and crimson reds. This crayon is brighter similar to candy apple red. Gorgeous! The best part about it? It's matte. I have been dying to own a matte red lip color for a while now. I didn't want to buy a new shade nor did I want to DIY anything because I'm always applying it on the go. I'm not sure what I'll do once my others run out, but I'm glad this came in a full size. It'll last me a while. (See swatch below)

five | Pixi bronzer in "Subtly Suntouched" | $18.00 (with kabuki brush)
I just bought a bronzer from Sephora several months ago and I still love it. It's not too "warm" nor is it too shimmery. Bronzers should be gray-based and matte because you want those areas to look sunk-in, as if a shadow were really there. This bronzer by Pixi is more pink-y but still a good shade. I wore it over the weekend and when I looked in the mirror hours later, I didn't think I made a mistake. I took a picture of it with my Sephora compact so you could see the tiny difference. (See swatch below)

I'm going to just be honest with you. This lipstick is HIDEOUS. You know they say that nude lip colors need to either match your gums or be a shade darker? Yeahhhhh, this color is as pale as pale can get. I will say the texture was creamy like it says it's supposed to be. But ew. I'm definitely tossing this stuff. I took a picture comparing it with what I think could be my perfect nude: Revlon "Soft Nude".


I know this lipstick might look okay in this picture, but trust me, it's not. Here's some swatches on my lips.

And finally, here are the swatches on my hand, as promised.

Hot Damn // Subtly Suntouched // Topaz // Aphrodite

If you're interested in getting a subscription like this one, I urge you to visit Ipsy's website. I'm still going to stick with my Birchbox like I planned, but Ipsy has my heart right now.

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  1. You got some amazing things from Ipsy! Love the lipstick by EM :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

    1. Thanks! I really wish I would have gotten a different shade of the lipstick by EM. The one I got was not good with my skin tone.

  2. I ended up with the mascara from EM... I have yet to use it so we'll see... I am loving the nail polish color abs the galaxy girl eye shadow!

    1. I actually put on the nail polish this morning! It's very pretty on. And the eye shadow is gorgeous!!

  3. The red lipstick looks fabulous but not sure why they would give you another lipstick as well :/ Seems like a random mix of items that I'd only use certain ones with. I'm constantly debating between Ipsy and Birchbox. One month Ipsy has a fabulous bag that I want then the next month it's womp womp so I'm glad I didn't switch lol

    But I'll stop rambling... thanks for linking up!