Friday, January 24

Five on Friday

So last Friday I didn't do one of these posts because I was still feeling icky from the flu. I didn't post anything last night either but not due to sickness.

I, very reluctantly, signed up for "Lean in Lebanon" at my dad's gym which is on the way home and like 2 minutes from work. It's a Biggest Loser type program where we're split into teams and we work out three times a week for one month. And at the end of the month, we're supposed to lose 10 pounds and we'll get our money back. Free training? I'm all for that. Oh. And there's a race we're automatically signed up for in May.

I normally leave these Friday recaps to write on Thursdays but I don't get home due to these classes until 8 pm now. Then I have to eat dinner, shower, and still tend to the cats and such. So again, I'll be pulling some stuff out of my butt this morning.

It's always fun to recap our weeks so that's why I continue to do these. 123go!

[one] new tatts
There aren't any new ones on my body yet but I've got the urge again. I know what I want, I just have to pick something. I'm either going with some type of sugar skull like these: (all images via my Pinterest)


Or something else like these:


[two] resolution 2014
One of my "resolutions" for this year was to stop eating fast food altogether. I haven't eaten it this entire month. Don't they say it takes 21 days to break a habit? And today's day 24 so I guess I'm over it! I used to CRAVE Sonic and Taco Bell and McDonald's multiple times a week and it makes me feel gross thinking about it now. I'm glad my body won't ever have to see it again!

[three] travel
J and I are currently in travel-planning mode and I'm loving it! We know we want to go back to Europe, maybe even do a similar cruise through the Mediterranean but there are just so many options out there. He talked about doing this train ride through Russia and China. I kind of want to do the Sweden/Netherlands but I also just want to spend an entire trip in Paris.

[four] the gym
I know I just mentioned this above but I have to list it again. I'm really liking this class that I signed up with for Lean in Lebanon. I'm that person who NEVER goes to the gym. I have an elliptical at home and don't even use that anymore. The classes aren't the same, ever, and I like that I don't get bored. Plus I get to meet new people and I feel like I'm bettering myself rather than getting home after work every night and all I do is watch TV.

[five] blindfolds?
LOL. I've been trying to get a future post going for a few weeks now. Sometime in the near future, I'll be posting a video called "The Blindfolded Makeup Challenge". These things are so much fun and it's always fun to get a good laugh out of all of it.

So what are you plans like this weekend? What was your week like this week? Comment below because I'd love to hear all about it!! :-)

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  1. well this was a very cool post! you are one busy gal and i look forward to hearing more about these in the future as well! how many tattoos do you have now? what is your goal for weight loss?

    1. I've got 8 small-average sized tattoos :P And my weight loss goal is 20-30 pounds. Did you make any goals like that this year??

    2. no...although my doctor wants me to lose some weight. i just haven't made any goes for it yet. no the only two goals i have are to read more books and do better at managing my time and money. average sized? forgive me for being tattoo ignorant but what is considered an average sized tattoo? :)

  2. I love the "watercolor flower" tattoo idea. I actually have something similar to that pinned on my Pinterest.

    My plans were to work today, but that has been cancelled due to a Snow Day! So, now I'm going to enjoy a quiet weekend inside it appears, due to this crazy weather!

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