Monday, February 3

Travel 2014

Welp, my 2014 resolutions are kind of being washed down the drain right now and I couldn't be happier. We wanted to see how much money we could save by cutting out unnecessary spending like shopping, fast food (by ourselves), crafty things, comics, and so on. So then came this resolution. We've only been a month in and it's crazy thinking we're not living paycheck to paycheck.

And now came a crazy idea and we've just rolled with it. What's a sure-fire way to spend all said saved money? Go on vacation, of course! And not just any vacation but back to Europe. #dearjesussaveusall

J and I went on a belated honeymoon cruise to the Mediterranean back in 2011 and LOVED it. We departed from Civitaveccia (Rome), Italy and stopped in Turkey, Greece, Malta, and back to Italy in Sicily. We weren't really prepared for the elements of weather so we didn't pack appropriately. Europe's weather is similar to ours in the States but I guess since we went in October, it was chilly (40s and 50s) in the morning and night. Nothing was packed but shorts, tanks, and sandals.

We've planned another cruise but this time it's in May and we'll be visiting the Northern Capitals. We depart from Denmark visiting Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Estonia. May is pretty much the start of summer but I know it will probably still be cold. I know we need to pack a little differently, so I wanted to share some of my packing tips.

You've seen the 30x30 challenges on Pinterest and blogs, right? You find 30 items in your closet and make 30 outfits from them. It's a lifesaver if you're needing to downsize your closet or even move places. So with a trip that lasts many nights, you should pack like that too. If you'll be gone for ten nights, think about packing ten things. Think four bottoms, two pairs of shoes, two tops, and two outerwear items like a cardigan or vest.

Consider the culture that you'll be visiting. This might make packing more challenging. If you're visiting some parts of traditional cultures, they don't allow a lot of skin to show. So you'll have to research that before you leave town.

Color coordinating what you pack will be your lifesaver. It'll be hard to pack lightly if you're trying to match mint green with something like orange or yellow.

I've tried the whole pack-it-all-in-a-carry-on thing and I just can't do it. With the amount of makeup I want to play with and the shoes that have to fit my size 10 feet, it just won't happen. So don't get defeated when you can't fit yours either. If you're traveling overseas, most planes don't charge to check a bag (unless it's over 50 lbs, of course). But if you are traveling locally, maybe you'll plan a trip in June or July so that you'll have less clothes to pack?

Use your shoes as pockets inside the suitcase. I never really thought about this until a friend pointed it out to me. Instead of using the inside pocket of the luggage for socks, undies, and chargers, I just stuffed them inside the shoes and I could use that other space for something else. Pretty handy, huh?

These next things you've probably heard before but I still wanted to mention them just in case. Wear your heaviest items, pack your luggage with the heaviest items towards the wheels, roll your clothes to give you more room, pack a poncho/umbrella, and leave a little room for souvenirs!

By the time we purchased tickets for the trip, plane, excursions, we'll probably be spending the next year or so paying it off but I know it will definitely be worth it. If you've still got the time to go out and explore the world, I strongly urge you to do so. When will you be able to do it again? When the kids are all grown? You'll be older too and might not be as able-bodied as you are now. Just take the jump and see the world!!

I plan on sharing more things as May gets closer, so stay tuned!

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. It's amazing how much money we spend with debit/credit cards without even realizing it. Swiping that card doesn't really even feel like spending money. Best of luck to you and your hubby on your finances and your travels! Thanks for linking up with Funday Monday.

    Your guest host,