Wednesday, January 15

Oh, Winter Skin

I probably should have written about this topic before the stupid Polar Vortex blew through the Eastern side of the country, but I didn't. And now that the flu bug has bitten my arse, I have some down time while my brain is awake but the rest of my body is motionless. GO WIN GO! These body aches really BLOW!

What's the one thing that really bothers me during these winter months? DRY SKIN. It gets rough and flaky and just gross. Nobody wants to see that. There have been a few things that have helped me so far that are a little different that my summer routine.

one. The first thing that I think we all have been told time and time again would be to moisturize your skin. If you asked me 10 years ago if I used this on a daily basis, I would have just said...

"Meh", meaning no. I'm sure it had something to do with my ever so lovely youthful skin that was tight and clear and never had a problem at that time. But as time passed by, I realized I needed moisturizer during all seasons of the year.

But this is the thing, during spring/summer I've found it best for me to use water-based moisturizers. During the fall/winter months, I use oil-based moisturizers. Oil provides another layer of protection on your skin that regular creams don't provide so then the cracks don't crack and the flakes don't flake. (Bt-dub, most nighttime creams are oil-based.) 

Speaking of that, there are also brands like this that work for you body. Apparently the skin on your hands and lower arms is thinner than you would think. So that means there are fewer oil glands. And if there are fewer oil glands, then it's more likely to crack from the elements of winter. So lather up those hands and elbows. Mama's got a bad case of elephant-elbows!

These are my favorite products for my face and body for the winter. Don't knock 'em until you try 'em.

two. Drinking lots and lots of water is something else to consider during these cold months. I know everyone's Moms and Grammys tell you to drink more water and it's annoying, but they're right. It was a resolution that I started for 2013 and have kept up ever since. Drinking water does a body good by...der...keeping it hydrated. Some like to argue that it won't keep your skin young looking, but when fluids pass through your body, skin brightens and feels better than ever.

three. The last of my suggestions would be to ban super-hot showers/baths. Why, you might ask? Yeah, the hot water feels uh-mazing while you're in there, but that water actually breaks down the fatty (oil) cells in your body leaving way for dry skin to come out and play. I don't have a reference for how I know this. I read it in a magazine a few months ago and I can't remember which one it was. So just keep the warm, not scalding hot.

Do you have any winter skin care routines that you can't live without? Comment below and tell me!

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  1. sorry you got sick! i hope you kicked it to the curb!