Monday, January 20

January Birchbox

This month's Birchbox is all about the new year and resolutions--not so much about things you're giving up, but things you're going to try and conquer! I've got plenty of those up my sleeve and I'm a little curious to see if stick with them. So far so good!

I'm actually excited about the things in my birchbox this month. You're probably used to me complaining about how I always get products that I'll never use, but it's different this time. Four of the five products are something I'd actually use. So let's jump into this and I'll show you what I got.

100% Pure
French Lavender Hand Buttercream | Full-size, $8
   WHAT  Rich in plant butters, this 100% natural salve keeps skin youthful with antioxidants.
   HOW    Warm a generous amount between palms before massaging into hands.

I'm always up for a new hand cream. I've been using this stuff all weekend and love that it's not a sticky kind of hand cream, if that makes sense, and really stays on for hours. The only thing I'm a little iffy about is the smell. It's very strong and, well, "grandma" smelling. So yeah.

Nail Rock
Glitter | Full-size, $6.99
   WHAT  The UK brand's two-step system for your sparkliest mani ever. Accent nail, anyone?
   HOW    Use two coats of polish. Dip wet nails into glitter pot, let dry 20 minutes, and shine on.

Weeeee, glitter! We all know how much fun glitter can be but it's A MESS. They say the new trend is "texture" so all you do is paint your nails and dip them in the glitter. The set I got came in red so I know it'll be cute, but I'm not so sure I'll be down with finding glitter on me for the next 12 weeks.

Paula's Choice
RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum | Full-size, $26.95
   WHAT  Water-based antiaging serum that normalizes skin and tightens pores.
   HOW    Morning and night, smooth a few drops onto clean, dry face. Safe for use under the eyes.

This was the one thing that I'm not sure I'll use. I don't really have the need. There's not much more to say....

Serge Normant
Dry Conditioner | Full-size, $25
   WHAT  Hydrating mist that adds instant softness and shine to strands--no running water required.
   HOW    Spritz onto mid-lengths and ends of dry hair. The perfect follow-up to dry shampoo!

I just started using the dry shampoo I got in last month's box and have been loving it! So when I got this dry conditioner, a brand I sorta know, I knew it would be fun to try.  Dry conditioner is supposed to put the shine and luxury back in your dry and dull strands. So why not, right?


Under Armour
Braided Mini Headbands | 3-Pack, $19.99
   WHAT  These grippy tricolor bands will keep strands in place during your next sweat session.
   HOW    Slip on before our workout for stay-put style.

This is just a fun headband to use while you're at the gym. Mine is hot pink and braided!!

Oh! I almost forgot about another little extra thing that was in my box! I'm not really sure why I have them, but I got these postcard looking things that just make me happy. I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick them in frames.

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  1. you got some pretty great stuff! Mine was kind of a bust this month but maybe next month :)

    1. Yeah, mine's usually always a bust. So I was surprised that I like most everything.

  2. those look like some fun stuff for you to try. i'd heard of dry shampoo but not dry conditioner. very cool. i'm sure we'll hear a follow up about all this later on! :)

    1. Oh, I will definitely be posting about this in the future!

  3. I wanted the dry conditioner - lucky! Looks like a good box... I was pretty happy with mine as well :)