Friday, January 10


I felt like I had all this time last weekend to put together blog posts--and do have several scheduled in the future--but forgot all about a recap for today. Go figure. So I'm going to throw something together really quickly.

First off, I was thinking the week was going to DRAG since the last two weeks have been short with the holidays, but, sure enough, here we the blink of an eye.

Second off, I won't have many pictures today either. So if that's something that really helps depict my week, then oh well. You can suck it. Sunshine and giggles.

I forgot about this picture. We were sitting in the hotel room over the weekend and I don't know how this boy's hair gets this crazy THAT quickly, but it does. (Can you see it sticking up by the headboard?)

I wish it were winter all year long for this reason only. Asher and Sophie snuggle like it's nobody's business.

This was also while we were in GA. I asked J to take a picture of me at Your Pie and instead, turns the camera around, and cheeses for the camera. Show off.

One thing I'm looking forward to next week is spending some gift cards on beauty related items. I haven't gone shopping since before the new year, part of my resolution, and I feel proud of that, but there's something about how I feel after I go shopping. I know I'm not the only one here...

And in case you missed any of my posts this week, you can find them here, here, here, and here. Enjoy!

Also, is it just me or does anyone else have problems with getting your fingers to pick either [ or { ? It's dumb. Every blasted time I put { first when I never use it and really want [ .


  1. LOL--i love this post! lol suck it, eh? love the pics!

    1. Well, not really. Just thought it would be funny to be a little mean today. And thanks! :)

    2. you're welcome! it gave ME a chuckle!