Wednesday, January 22

January Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy continues to be my front runner for beauty subscriptions. I will say that my Birchbox gave it a good run for its' money this month so it's a very very close tie. I just love that Ipsy gives me samples of products that I'll actually buy in real life. There is no way I'd buy some crazy-priced specialty item just because of the name or something. It just won't happen.

I'm not too thrilled about this month's glam bag. It's very boring. With that aside, let's jump to the products and see what's inside!

I tried this stuff on for the first time yesterday and I kind of like it! I was expecting it to be more creamy but it acts like a stain, almost. The color is a dark rosey color and stays on ALL night.

I'm not really sure what this stuff does but based on the brand, I know it must do your skin some good! The package says it contains salicylic acid so I bet this works as spot treatment.

I tried this stick out on my hand and it's a gorgeous color. It doesn't rub off and it would be a great eye shadow base.

This stuff smells pretty amazing for a hair mask. It's got natural ingredients, argan oils, and helps my sometimes dry hair. Being that I don't need to wash my hair everyday, the ends can get straw-like. And if I use this stuff like once a week, my hair is left feeling amazing.

First off, this stuff STINKS. With that aside, I've used this brand in the past and really like it. I'm pretty iffy with face products so I doubt I'll actually use this on the regular.


  1. well i am curious how this stuff will go over for you. future posts? lol

  2. Wow what a great bag! I continue to be on the fence between iPsy and Birchbox. It also seems silly to get both lol