Monday, November 11

boho smoky eye - UD naked look no.1

What is a boho smoky eye, you might ask? Well, I was first inspired by one of my favorite MUAs, Linda Hallberg, and she featured the eyes with a rich mahogany/rusty color. The part that made it boho was the no eyeliner and no mascara.

Bohemian looks are very earthy and one with nature. Eyeliner and mascara just don't fit, yanno? I wanted to create a similar look. And not to create the EXACT same look, here's my take on it.

I applied my makeup like normal except for my eyes. I only used one eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Naked palette to create this look. I extended it past my eyelids and gave it a rounded shape also while applying it to my lower lash line.

The color I chose was a brown/purple-y color that I knew would be just perfect aside from the rich mahogany color that Linda used above. This specific color is called "Hustle".

What do you think? Has there been a makeup/eyeshadow look that you have been dying to try? I loved that this one is something I have never done. My advice is to try everything at least once. Own it. Rock it.

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