Friday, November 15

Five on Friday

I'm going to jump right in it this morning because this week has come and gone in the blink of an eye. And the weekend will be the same because I've got lots of plans. Isn't that always how it happens? You have a crap-ton of things to do and days go by, but when you don't, you're bored out of your mind? They draaaaaag by. Anywho. Here are my favorite things from this week!

one | ye Irish roots
We went to McNamara's for dinner Saturday night with J and his family. It's this cute little Irish pub and restaurant with live music. We've been before but never sat in the "party" room. It was loud and fun and three Irish men dancing on stage with their guitars and violins. My favorite part? Their Scotch eggs are to die for. It's just a hard boiled egg dipped in batter and fried. Then you dip those in some sort of tangy orange-colored sauce. YUM.

two | margaritas
Nothing sucks more than a monster margarita that costs over $12. I get that we were at a nicer Mexican place, but still. And if you can tell from the picture, I still got it. Weeeeeeee!

three | hair tutorials
I don't know how anyone does it, but I have absolutely no time to write blog posts with a lot of content during the week because of my full-time job. And then by the time I do have extra time after work, it's dark so I can't really take quality pictures. Coming soon next week: curling your hair with a flat iron.

four | #asherandsophie
There's no lies here. I love my kitties. Visiting my parents once a week and trying to be affectionate to their cats only to be turned away by a bite or smugness makes me grateful to have snugly pets. Don't ask me why Sophie sleep between my shins like that, but I'll take it!

five | TN weather
As some of you might know, TN has some of the strangest weather. It was snowing early Tuesday morning this week but it'll get back up to the high 60s over the weekend. I want to stay one way or the other so I don't have to keep figuring out my wardrobe. I want the cold to stay so I can wear comfy sweaters, scarves, and mittens!


  1. Saw your blog on the link up and thought I would check it out! Love it! So glad I'm not the only person who says "crap-ton" and I love the kitty picture :)

  2. Can i just tell you - you have great photo picking skills because as creepy as this sounds your pic brought me to your blog via the 5 favorites link up.. i LOVE your hair!!! i'm going next week to get a look simliar to yours, and i'm even more excited to have found your blog because you appear (in this post) to be a cat lover! me too! :) -lauren

    1. Lol. Thanks! I normally put up the picture that I have at the top that says "Meet Meghan" but it's kinda old so I felt like doing the other one. My hair is a really dark ashy blonde but I'm growing out the light brown that was on the bottom, so I look brunette right now. Annnd I've got blonde on the tips which I've decided I'll probably keep forever. So many compliments on it. Ha! And yes, I'm definitely a cat lover!!

  3. I love using the flatiron to add waves to my hair. We've got some of that smae wacky weather in NC, too. It's humid, foggy, and misty raining out this morning. Stopping by the The Lauren Elizabeth High Five fore Friday.