Friday, November 22

high five for friday

I'm thankful for my brain allowing me to be creative this week. Well, not so much creative, but thoughtful and productive. There are weeks in this whole blogging biz that I'm honestly stumped on what to write about. I don't want to spend money every day just to review beauty or clever products. And I don't want to mimic every single one of the beauty blogs that I follow just so I'll have something to talk about on my own site. But I want posts of my own!

Speaking of thankful, I was doing that "I'm thankful for..." thing on Facebook and each day would be something different. It wasn't to say that November is the only time I'm ever thankful each year. But there's friends acquaintances of mine who were just hateful about it. "How about SHOW what you're thankful for instead of just writing about it!" And then they'd go on with how they are pretty much superman. It's things like that that make me want to get rid of all of my social media. They just want to 1) "one-up" you or 2) brag about what they've accomplished in life and how I couldn't ever compare.

UGH. Rant over.

Let's all recap our favorite things from this week.

ONE | temporary tattoos
I found this on Pinterest about how you can draw temporary tattoos and they're supposed to last 30 days. All you were supposed to do was draw the design with a sharpie, dust it with baby powder, and lightly spray it with hairspray. I drew this lovely skull on my wrist last Friday and it's completely gone from my wrist today. I'm very disappointed that this didn't work! But at least I got a few days to decide if I liked what I drew or not.

TWO | #asherandsophie
I'm sorry if you're getting sick (no I'm not) of seeing cat pictures every week. I took off work Tuesday this week and had the ENTIRE day to snuggle with my babies. They usually aren't caught touching each other but I was able to snap two pictures of them neck in neck--or neck in crotch.

THREE | catching fire
Iiiiiin case you missed it this week, I did my own Capital collection makeup look based on District 12 in The Hunger Games trilogy. It was so much fun doing something different. It makes me want to explore more makeup techniques other than everyday wear.

FOUR | new glasses
Jerbear had to get new glasses because his old ones literally snapped in the middle of one of the arms. He was able to use a virtual picture thing with one of the online stores so he could "try on" each pair of glasses. He still wanted to see them in person so he ordered their home pairs with no lenses so we could get a better feel. Aren't these the cutest things ever?! Don't mind his "No shave November" beard.

FIVE | makeup haul
I knew I want to post about a makeup haul but haven't narrowed it down to what exactly I wanted to get. I'll eventually do posts for "If my makeup bag were to go missing tonight, what basics would I buy to replace it?" and specific areas of my face like a haul on just eye products or just moisturizers and things like that. But I figured since there are several things in stores that I want to try out, it's going to be a review on them all. So be looking out for this post next week!!


  1. District 12 inspired eyes? LOVE -makes me want to read them all again!! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks!! I still haven't finished the third book but I already know why they've split it into two movies. Have a great weekend as well!

  2. Looks like a good week, hope you have a great weekend! I would love if you would come linkup with me today!

    1. You got it! New follower and I've linked up to your Friday post as well. Enjoy your weekend!!

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  4. I want to see catching fire so badly! Those books are fantastic and I loved the first movie!