Thursday, November 21

Brush cleaning

This is a LONG overdue post. If you wear makeup then you know it's safe and sanitary to clean your brushes every so many months. After doing the two "Catching Fire" makeup looks yesterday, I realized that I needed to clean those brushes because they were getting naaasty.

You're probably going to be grossed out, but I can't remember the last time I cleaned my own makeup brushes. There is no telling what is built up within the bristles. So I pulled out the Dr. Brommer's peppermint soap and got to work.

It's a rather simple process to clean them and I'll show you my routine. You need a bottle of very mild soap. I'd recommend Dr. Brommer's or Dial soap if you don't possess any specific brush cleaner. Grab a bowl, squirt in a little soap, and clean each brush with water. Then lay them out to dry on a rag or towel for at least 24 hours.

I was okay with just swirling the brushes around in the water for those that just come in contact with loose powders. But those that work with liquid foundations and such, I had to get my hands in the water and rub the bristles to make sure it all came out. If you use a lot of liquid or creamy products, rinsing the bowl with fresh water every couple of brushes is a smart thing to do. You don't want to be cleaning in dirty water. I lightly squeezed all the brushes once I thought they were clean and laid them out on a rag.

So that the brushes don't dry in a funky form, you can dry them for the first 12 hours on a rag like I did, but I would suggest hanging them upside down for the remaining hours. This should allow them to fluff back up to their natural form.

And there it is! Maybe by documenting this today will keep me accountable for future brush cleanings. I need to be on a better routine!!

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