Monday, February 10

Makeover Madness: Beauty at Any Age

I decided recently that I wanted to give my mom a makeover--not that she really needed it. She's one of those women who age really well decade to decade and I'm thankful I've got her DNA. If I can look as good as she does when I'm her age then I'm going to be one hot mama. You should all be, what do they call it nowadays.... JELLY!

But I still need practice with my makeup artist skills. So that's where today came into play. I didn't really have a "set look" for her but I do know that I wanted to play up her eyebrows and the colors on her cheeks. She's also been on the hunt for a nude/pink color for her lips so we played with that as well.

Disclaimer: I'm still working on my photo taking skills, so bear with me...


Loose Powder: NYC Translucent Powder


Brows: LORAC Take a Brow Kit in Brunette (used the darker color)
     Outer corner--Hustle
     Lower lash line--Buck

Lipstick: NYX Lip Creme Lipstick in Iced Honey

One thing I know I need to work on is cheek color. It seems like a lot when I'm inches away from a face, but when I back up or take someone outside, it looks like there isn't any color at all.

I chose the colors from the Naked palette based on her green eyes. I thought with the nude/rose/purple colors, they would pop! And I was totally right.

She didn't care too much for the lip color because of the shimmer, but overall, I think it was a good tone. I wanted to use a gloss that I've had for years but didn't bring it with me.

So what do you think? Comment below and tell me what you would have used on your mom!


  1. I think the check color is just the right amount on your Mom. It's subtle but it does add definition.

    1. I think the definition possibly came from the bronzer that I put in the hollows of her cheek, but maybe it really is the cheek color at the apples. I don't know! Ha. More practice...

  2. I think the eyebrows make all the difference - very pretty!

    1. I totally agree! She normally fills them in when she does her own makeup, so I wanted to do even more to see what they looked like. And I love them! Thanks :-)

  3. Wow, you did a really impressive job on your mom! Great eyebrows, eyeshadow (natural but just enough oomph), and pretty lip color. I don't think my mom would let me touch her makeup. :) She's been using the same things for like 40 years so that's her signature look. :) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  4. Fantastic job! This is so sweet. I gave my mom a makeover once, thinking about it makes me miss her a lot. The eyebrows and eye makeup look lovely!

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  5. I really like how her eyebrows came out. Really adds more depth. I like the color of the lipstick but I agree I would have gone for a more matte color since you went shimmery on the eyes. Overall though I love it and you can see a difference in the before and after.

  6. What a fun idea for a post! Mom is a great sport! You did a really great job! She looks very natural, but enough to make a difference! Her eyes are beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Manic Monday!

  7. I really love what you did with her eyes! The eyeshadow is gorgeous, and her eyebrows look great too!

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