Wednesday, February 19

February 2014 Ipsy Bag

The February Ipsy Bag came a whole week later than my Birchbox and it's usually the other way around. But that's okay because the glam bag was love themed. And just because I really wanted a love themed bag, here's something fun to listen to while you're reading.

True story: This is my dad's ringtone for my mom.

So. I love every single thing in my glam bag. EVERYTHING. I'm actually excited to use all of the products provided by the different brands. Let's jump right in and we can compare bags later!

POP Beauty

The color of this lip gloss is such a pretty pink, not too dark and not too light. We all know I hate glosses since my lips are already big, but the fact that it's plumping too is just a bad sign. I tried it on the moment I pulled it out of the bag and wasn't convinced there was plumping power in the ingredients. I think for the color, I'm going to keep it. Otherwise I would've given it to someone else.

Nail Polish in Odette | Full-size, $9

Lavender is one of the hot colors for Spring and I'm really ready for Spring. This color looks more mauve online but it's definitely a purple. I've tried Zoya only once in the past and I remember liking it a lot. And the price is the same for other drugstore brands.

Mally Beauty

I'm not really sure why I keep getting silver eyeliners but I'm not too happy about it. Yes, this is a waterproof liner and yes, it's super buttery. But, I just don't wear silver.


I love most hair products like these. It claims to "seal your hair cuticles, which helps prevent moisture loss, minimize thermal damage, and prevent split ends from forming." I use somewhat of a similar product now but it's not meant to moisturize at all so I'm interested in seeing how this works on my hair.

Jesse's Girl

I'm not sure that I've ever heard of this brand name before but I really like the price for how much you get in one compact. I don't wear blue shadows that often but I like that these all seem to be very wearable. It does include some grays so I could wear those during the day and apply more of the darker blues for going out afterwards.

Ipsy's still in the lead when comparing it with Birchbox. Were your glam bags all that you thought for the month of love??


  1. Ah we don't get Ipsy over here so I'm now with glossybox & birchbox! Such a shame :( looks fab!

    Thrifty Firecracker x

    1. Where do you live? I thought Ipsy shipped everywhere, so I'm sorry you don't get it! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. I just got "accepted" by ipsy. can't wait to get my bag!
    thanks for the review - it looks like great stuff.

    Alyssa B
    ps: we're having a giveaway - stop by!

    1. Well that's exciting!! I'll be sure to stop by for that giveaway :-)