Wednesday, May 22

Two lies and a truth

I'm still chugging along with writing posts every day. Go me!! Granted I only started this back up about a week ago, I still feel pretty accomplished. However HOWEVER--yes, this needs to be big--writing posts every day gives me quite a bit of pressure. Can I keep up posts every day? Can they be somewhat of good quality? Will I lose interest and become bored? Will things become redundant? Will I ever build up followers? I have a crap ton of questions that roll through my brain on a regular basis. So if anything negative ever comes from this blog, someone please stand up and tell me. I'd hope I could handle constructive criticism.

On to a completely unrelated post tonight...(Imagine me saying this in the voice of any famous game show host) Lllllet's plaaay Two lies and a truth!! I saw this posted on another blog recently and thought it would be a quirky way to get to know me. I'll write out a question and you can pick which answer was the truth. Since I don't have any followers yet and have just started the blog back up about a week ago, I wasn't expecting much. So this will just be a fun way to start from the beginning.

Ten Questions about Meghan. Keep track of your guesses and the answers will be at the bottom of the list. Don't cheat, just be sweet!!

1. My top front tooth came out by:
     a. My brother's ninja chop to my face.
     b. Falling out of the top bunk and hitting my mouth on the bed frame from the bottom bunk.
     c. I just plain pulled it!

2. The first words out of my mouth after experiencing my first car wreck were:
     a. Are you hurt?
     b. Am I hurt?
     c. Are we going to jail?

3. The scars on my bottom lip are from:
     a. The cat.
     b. The stairs.
     c. The fort in the backyard.

4. The scariest thing when I was about 14:
     a. Almost killing a little girl.
     b. Going through puberty.
     c. Moving.

5. One of the many strange things done to my parents growing up:
     a. Painted my dad's nails.
     b. Gave my dad pretend shampoos.
     c. Refused to go anywhere in public until they both wore red bandanas around their necks.

6. What I wanted to be when I "grew up":
     a. Teacher.
     b. Singer.
     c. Veterinarian.

7. I am afraid of:
     a. Heights.
     b. Being alone.
     c. Death.

8. I began my relationship with my husband on what U.S. holiday?
     a. Memorial Day.
     b. New Year's Day.
     c. April Fool's Day.

9. My worst personality trait:
     a. Narcissism.
     b. The need to control.
     c. Not being able to listen.

10. My best personality trait:
     a. Being positive about life's circumstances.
     b. Bringing the life to a party.
     c. Putting others first.

1. a  2. c  3. a  4. a  5. b  6. a  7. c  8. c  9. b  10. a

Was it at least a little fun?! Make a quiz of your own and send me the link. I'll take your quiz next!!

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