Friday, May 17

Foundation Frenzy

I have been using Bare Escentuals Mineral foundation, concealer, bronzer, and blush for over a year now. It is one of the few makeup products that I truly feel lets my skin breathe. Aahhh. I used Mineral Foundation in Medium Fair. My skin tone is on the yellow side and while trying out the shades at the counter, I thought I picked a color that suited me well. The more I used it and was able to look in mirrors under different lights, the more I noticed that it was not the best pick. One of my co-workers used mineral foundation from a similar company. It was MUCH cheaper so I decided to give it a try. They have this awesome service where you can order up to 7 samples  of foundations for a penny a piece. You can choose matte, semi-matte, or non-matte finishes. I was able to find the perfect color for my tone. I decided to purchase Everyday Minerals foundation in Light Neutral. I used Bare Escentuals concealer in Bisque. Powder concealers are so good on my skin! And then I used their bronzer in Warmth. As you can read from this post, Warmth is too... warm. So I opted for a gray-based bronzer that I talked about in my earlier post. If anyone takes away anything from either of these makeup posts, I would highly recommend finding the correct bronzer and brushes to apply it.

With that being said, my skin is acting like a drama queen at the moment and the mineral foundation ain't cutting it. I might as well be sixteen again. It's ridiculous. So I wanted more coverage without looking cakey. Because that's the last thing you want your face to look like, cake...with icing. Yuck!

Cara recommended a Clinique product for a concealer, something that would conceal as well as highlight--Even Better Concealer in Buttermilk. While at the counter, I asked about foundation. The makeup consultant brought out some amazing products to try on my skin. I decided to go with the Even Better Foundation in Ivory. Ivory?! Am I really that pale? Sadly, at the moment, I am. So I might have to go back after I get a little sun. Not only does it cover the rashy redness on my left cheek but it evens out the tone. I'm secretly squealing like a little girl at this point. I was in love with this stuff. It was an easy purchase.

The consultant also put the concealer under my eyes and it was gorgeous. It lit up my eyes, covered the dark circles, and blended very nicely. My only drawback was that because it was a creamy texture, it settled in my laugh lines. I don't have the crows' feet laugh lines. I have these random lines in the middle under my eye where my cheeks push it up. Weird, I know. I'm hoping it's just because I have a fuller face at the moment. BUT, even though it can crease, the rest of my face is dewy looking (in a good way) so it looks like it is meant to be that way. So I might just not worry with it. And again, it's not bad, so I'm sure I'm just overreacting. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a new concealer!

I kept this post short and sweet since the other was as long as Santa's Naughty list. See you next time!

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