Tuesday, May 21

DIY Garland

This has got to be the easiest way to make garland and I wanted to share it in case you needed a simple party pick-me-up! My birthday was on the 7th this month so we combined that with Cinco de Mayo. And if you knew us, you better believe we get together and drink at even the silliest of holidays. Late twenties and we'll still partying hard. Classy, I tell you. 

Supplies needed:

  • Twine--I bought the kind that came with the razor blade in the top part of the pastic
  • Washi Tape--Target has these bad boys in their new gift section near the cards

The only other things needed to make this garland is your time. Now, there are a few ways you could make this garland. You could make it like this, spaced close together, centering the tape with the twine.

Or like this. Use any kind of string you like and press the tape around it, cutting the edges like so.

I decided to press the tape around one side or the other and spaced it out about two inches instead of so close together like the others. I wrapped mine around the mirror over our mantle three times.

 I know the washi tape looks washed out from this picture but it was dark when I took the pictures. Cry me a river. Ha ha. The colors are true to the picture above in the dispenser. I was very happy with the outcome of the garland display. AND it was perfect for Cinco de Mego!! Oh yes, that was the name of our party. 

So if you need a quick party decoration without buying something expensive, try this out! What other easy tricks do you have to decorate for a party? I'm interested in them all, so shoot them my way and maybe we can try each other's?!

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