Thursday, May 23


Rule number one: Ignore my hair. It's a hot mess at the moment and I will be going to get it thinned out and trimmed tonight. It was at my chin back in January so it was turning into that hideous triangle that your hair always does when trying to grow it out.

Rule number two: Well, this one's not really a rule. All I wanted to point out was my outfit. Thus, ootd (outfit of the day). It's nothing fashion forward; I just loved all of the colors I brought together with the simplest of dresses. If you like the idea of the outfit, I'll link where I found each item so you could find them or something really similar.

Dress is from Old Navy. Found here.

 Watch is from Charming Charlie's. I don't have a link but I can tell you that it's rose gold with crystals around the face of the watch. Goes with literally everything!

Green braided belt is from H&M. They do not have online shopping for the Nashville area so I don't have a link for this either. They had tons of other colors if green isn't for you. 

Yellow wedges are from Old Navy. I bought these many many summers ago. They do not sell these any longer but here are some that are similar (here and here) and would work with an outfit like this. It's just more fun when you can find a yellow or red pair!

Stay tuned for my next several posts!! We're headed to the beach Saturday morning. Get excited and wish you were all there with us!!

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