Wednesday, October 9

Sky High Nashville

I was lucky enough to experience an exhausting exciting attraction in Nashville tonight. My nephew's 4th birthday is today and since my parents are out of town, my sister and I wanted to take him somewhere he'd never been before. We thought about a jump/blow-up place but we weren't really sure if big kids could play. And then we found this place in Nashville that is full of trampolines. Say what?! Although I'm not nearly in as much shape than I was as a kid, Sky High is a place that I want to celebrate my 28th birthday. I kid you not.

This is one of their promo videos for AIRobics.

After you register and sign waivers and such, you walk to the main court and it's split up into different sections. The right side is a kids trampoline area and further down is a private party trampoline area. On the left was a foam pit, doge ball, and a full-sized trampoline area where everyone could jump until they were all tired as a dog. Yep, that was me. Where do these kids get all that energy?!? 

We had an hour to jump with the $12 we paid and that was plenty of time for myself. But I guess I can sort of get wanting to stay longer if I were a kid. You do have the option to stay longer but you have to pay more for any extra time.

These are some of the shots that Abigail got of Zion.

Zion's been in this weird phase where he'll smile and then at the last second, trick you and frown or give you a silly face instead.

He's so freaking adorable.

We were pretty sweaty. Yuck.

And then I took a couple of other shots myself...

We got home a little before 10pm and remembered Zion still hadn't blown out his candles on his birthday cupcakes. So we took a few pictures of that too. You'd think we love this boy or something.

Now if only I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I'm sure my body will hate me when I try to move myself out of bed. But I was really happy we got to do this tonight. It was a BLAST!!

And now to leave you with a video of Zion doing flips!

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