Friday, October 25

Five on Friday

Let me just start by saying TGIF!! And I hope you all have a wonderful and... 

I'm going to spend some serious time this weekend tackling organization for the 'ole blog. I usually try to write a post the night before and have it set to post the next morning. But that doesn't always happen. Either I'm too lazy to write, I can't think of anything to write, or I just don't have the time to write. I've got plenty of ideas swimming around my brain but I just can't seem to get it all down and together in one night. And don't even get me started on procrastination....

Long ramble short, on to my FIVE on Friday!

[ONE] early halloween parties
My co-worker threw a Halloween party at her house last Saturday night and it was so much fun! Lots of hotdogs and shots later, I'm still a little amazed we could take such a shnazzy picture. Not one of us looks like an idiot. We've got your sexy astronaut, Medusa, Amber (because she couldn't dress like Elijah Wood when her husband was Wilfred), kitty, and sexy pilot. And the guy from Drive behind us. Not a cool photobomb, Josh. Not cool.

[TWO] nine inch nails concert
Trent Reznor and his sexy arms...wait wait wait, that's not what I was going to talk about. Although, while we're here, can I just say that I could stare at his arms FOREVER. What I really wanted to talk about was his concert in Nashville Tuesday night. Hands down, best concert I've been to yet. He was on my list of top 5 concerts I want to attend in my life and I'm glad that I got to check it off.

[THREE] kitty snuggles
Now that our TN Fall weather has gone from gorgeous and perfect to frigid in 2.5 seconds, I love that Asher and Sophie are snuggling more. We keep the heat pretty low in our house so all they're left to do is share their heat. It's so frickin' cute! Should we up the heat for our furry friends? Probably. But are we going to? Nope. If they were humans, then we might consider it. Ha.

[FOUR] body kneads
I took off work Wednesday after the NIN concert. I was thinking it was going to be a relaxing day but we were stuck running errands until laaate that night. The first half of my day was a dream, though. I had an appointment for an hour full-body massage AND half-hour facial. It was absolute HEAVEN!!!

[FIVE] pumpkin carvings
Last night JerBear brought home a pumpkin and said we (aka, I) had to carve something for his IT group at work. His boss wanted to do something with zombies because they're SO in right now but Jerry didn't know how to carve something that elaborate. So he went with "The network is down". What's scarier for an IT person than the computer network being out? Right?!

What have your weeks been up to? Do you have any weekend plans? I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth and The Good Life. Visit their pages to find out how to do the same.

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