Thursday, October 17

It's my high five for Friday

This last week seemed like it was jammed packed with activities. I'm a homebody at heart so it was hard to be out of the house so much when I'd rather be home in my jammies. And I've got several Halloween-y things planned the next few weekends too. When will it be January already? Bahh humbug.

Anywho, here was what my week was filled with.....

Crazy faces from the nephew.

We picked up my parents from the airport. They had just been on a trip to the Caribbean on a Disney cruise. I'm a little jelly. And Z fell asleep on the way there.

Then Sunday we went to the Circus. Took a couple of #selfie's and watch the majestic elephants spin around balancing on their front legs. 

Last night we had another birthday party for Zion with mom and dad back in town. He requested a Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake and Wal-Mart DELIVERED on this art. BAM!

And this last thing hasn't actually happened yet and I'm too excited to keep it in. I know I've talked about some fun Halloween makeup ideas, but I've decided on my costume for the party this weekend.

Just imagine this

unzipped a little showing something similar to this

with this sweet makeup.
(source unknown)

I don't really have a name. I'll just call myself American Girl. I'll also be donned with an American flag that I'll be carrying over my shoulder all night. I'm pretty pumped about it. I'll definitely have to post pictures from that night later on.

So what else have you all been doing this week?

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