Tuesday, October 15

4 Brilliant Lipstick Tricks

So I've got something up my sleeve, something good. I stumbled upon some pretty genius lipstick hacks and I wanted to share them with you. It makes me incredibly happy when I find things like this and it gives me that Duh! moment. Below are four tricks for those juicy smackers you call lips.
Let me just start this and say that finding the perfect pink is quite difficult for me. I'll be at the store thinking "This is the most amazing color!" and then I get home and it's (for the most part) WAY too light. I don't know if because my lips are darker than the color that it contradicts or something, but this trick makes things easier. Beauty experts say all you have to do to find the perfect shade of pink lipstick is to smile. That shade is about the same color as your gums. Who knew?!
I don't know about you but I get a little jealous (okay, a lot) of women who have luscious lip peaks. And don't get me wrong, if you don't have those peaks, your lips are just as lovely. It's just always fun to play with the shape of them. And if you do want to play up those peaks, here's something you can do AND without using lip liner. All you gotta do is dab some concealer in the middle and around the top of those peaks and blend, blend, blend. Then apply your lipstick like normal. Orrr raise those peaks!
This trick is not something I have always done, BUT when I have, it's worked like a charm. To make your lipstick last, fill all areas of both lips with a neutral lip liner. Worried you'll be left with harsh drawn-on lines? Simply hold the tip of the liner in the middle of your hand and the warmth will soften that pencil. You can also draw teeny circles in your palm and that will soften it as well.
This little hidden trick is my favorite of the list. With my frustration from above, I might have found a way to love the colors I buy from the store without trying them on my lips. Beauty experts agree that when you prime your lips with foundation (or even concealer), it acts like a blank canvas. And when you have a blank canvas, you can paint on any of the truest colors from the tube.

And these are my hidden gems!! What other tricks have you been surprised with lately?

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