Tuesday, October 8

Let's make a statement.

I don't know what it is about this cooler weather, but all it makes me want to do is dress myself in comfy sweaters, scarves, and statement necklaces. I've been craving some beautiful statement necklaces and today I decided to top off my look with this dangly yellow piece. I'm not sure where it's from so don't ask me. My brother and sister-in-law got it for me for Christmas. Almost a year later and BAM I think I'm in love!! It's at the bib-perfect length too and although it has matching earrings--I hate being too matchy-matchy--it's still a gorgeous duo.

Annnnd these are some of my other favorites that I've been wanting yearning to purchase. Unfortunately, this doesn't always fit in with my shopping budget. But it's fun to dream, right?

Stunning, I know. This necklace is from an Etsy shop based in China so I'm sure it's not the best quality but you can't beat $8.00! I'm feeling an overhaul in my near future. Hopefully it's not a scam. Fingers crossed.

I'm in love with how Aztec-y this necklace is. And it's a darker gold so it will go with EVERYTHING. Francesca's sells this piece for a little more than I would like to spend but I have several things from their store so I know it will last for a while.

YES. Friiiinge. Such a Fall staple if you think about it. Forever 21 had some short and long versions but this one speaks to me. It's such a simple design with a huge impact on your outfit.

And who can resist these J.Crew necklaces. Personally, I have found it hard to buy anything from them unless I find buried treasure in their Sale section. Luckily, through a blog I follow, another person sells them at a reasonable rate. Check out Caroline G's shop and follow her on Facebook. She offers freebie deals around the holidays.

I love wearing green this time of year. Wearing a statement piece like this one can really make your outfit. You could even get away with wearing it with a slouchy tee.

Well would you look at that...I obviously have a slight obsession with gold. If you knew me in my earlier days, you'd know that I NEVER wore gold. And if I did, I definitely never mixed it with silver. And now look at me! I'm doing BOTH. 

Are there others out there that are with me on this? I'd love to know that you're bringing out some statement pieces; maybe even gold and silver mixed in a beautiful bib. What other statements are you willing to make??

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