Friday, August 8

Friday favorites, where have you been?

It's been forever since I last posted about Friday favorites. For-ev-er. I used to love linking up with different blogs and reading those that were already linked. People lead such interesting lives. And it's fun getting sucked in a little while reading about it. I just kind of stopped it all. Maybe it was me getting lazy; I'm not sure. So let's start 'er back up this morning and write about five things that are my favorites at the moment.

P.S. I say it every year and I'll say it again. I DO NOT envy those going back to school. Even though I finished with a Bachelor's degree many years ago, I often think, What if I went back to school to this or that? Never again, I tell you. Never! But good luck to those that have started this week!


If you follow me on IG, then you saw my big brow post (@lipstickskulls) the other day. Big brows are a huge makeup trend happening right now and I couldn't wait to play up that feature. Now I want to make them this big all the time!!


OMFG, sweets are going to be the death of me. I've been working on my caloric intake lately but the sweets keep tempting me. Even if I am at and/or under my calorie limit for the day, the weight isn't going to come off if I'm eating extra sugar. So this isn't a favorite this week, just one that's constantly in the front of my brain. I need someone to keep me accountable.


I don't know about you, but something else that are on a TON of makeup videos is that NYX matte lipsticks. I first noticed the weird color of Butter worn by Ashley at Sultry Suburbia and have been in love ever since. I actually ordered four of the matte shades last night and will be getting them very soon. Be on the look out for a post!


I've recently discovered my love for crockpot chicken. Really, I don't know why I haven't been using my crockpot this whole time. I just broke it out from under the sink about a month ago. But the last few times I've made something in it, it's had chicken, and it just melts in your mouth. I made this recipe last night with some baked beans and veggies on the side. SO GOOD.


Something else I can't wait for is fall weather and wearing dark berry lips. People might question me wearing it while still 95 degrees outside. But the cooler weather will bring more dark lips and I can't wait!

And if you haven't seen it already, I'm giving away products from Mary Kay's emerald Studio collection. Check it out!!!

Do you have faves from this week too? Comment or link to your site below and we can chat :-)

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  1. I'm beginning to transition to more clean eating and have to keep my "sweets" urges under control as well. Sadly, I have yet to be impressed by anything i've made in my crockpot, but i'll check that recipe out!

  2. Mmmmmm I love crockpot BBQ chicken! Aren't crockpots the best? And I have to admit I'm the opposite of you in the school category - I kind of wish I was going back to school (if I didn't have to work) so that I could have a couple classes a day and then actually have free time in my life again. I took college for granted while I was there!

  3. So funny that you mention root beer chicken! I just made some pulled pork in the crock pot and cooked it in root beer. It was delish!