Monday, August 18

REVIEW + a winner!!

I don't know what it is about Mary Kay products lately, but they've definitely been upping their game! I think part of the reason is because they've been featured on the new season of Project Runway as the product the makeup artists use to complete the designers' looks. Unfortunately for myself, we don't have that TV channel anymore so I have to watch episodes online. Regardless, now's your time to shine, Mary Kay. Don't disappoint!

I received product last week to review their newer emerald smoky eye collection. I know I haven't done much "marketing" for le blog, but I had a giveaway!! And before I get into details for more product I received recently, I wanted to announce that winner and their names are Lauren K. and Christy P! So if you're reading this post today, be looking out for an email so that I can get your info to send you this product. Congrats!!!

Today's post leads me to another review of Mary Kay product. Another one of Project Runway's first makeup looks from the premier night was about graphic blue cat eyes and playful pink lips. It's so much fun switching up your routine and rocking something like a blue eye liner. So when I had the chance to review more MK product, I jumped at the offer!

So let's start out with the eyes.

Of the two shadows I received, one is a champagne color with gold shimmers in it and is beautiful swiped on the lid. With the focus being on the blue eyeliner, which I'll get into in just a sec, I didn't want there being too much shimmer. So I won't apply it on my brow bone, but that's totally up to you if you want it from top to bottom. This color is called "Moonstone".

The second shadow is called "Driftwood" and is a warm colored brown. It's a matte shade and would work very well in swiped in the crease and even along the lower lash line to create depth. A lot of my matte browns are cool-toned, so this shakes it up a bit!

I received two different eyeliners. If you want something quick, but fun, you can swipe the gorgeous blue liquid liner across your whole upper lash line creating a flick at the ends for a fun cat eye. This blue is almost a royal yet almost a periwinkle. It's called "Blue My Mind" and I CANNOT get enough. Mary Kay suggests being a little more playful with a graphic eyeliner. If you apply the blue liner from the inner corner to the middle of the lid and then continue with the "Jet Black" gel liner from the middle to the outer corner, you'll create such a fun cat eye! I haven't ever worn eyeliner like this and was given so many complements when I wore it. Go on, try it!!

The last eye product was the Ultimate Mascara in "Black". I wasn't too blown away by the last MK mascara I received because I didn't feel like it coated my lashes at all, but I really like this one. It has a medium sized brush and you can apply multiple coats without it looking too spider-y, if ya know what I mean.

Now on to the lips.

I don't know if I mentioned it in the last post, but MK's packaging for their lipstick is the coolest. There's no conventional lid and you have to pop it out but pushing on one end. It's got a pretty hard lock on that popping action. You don't have to worry with it rolling around in your purse when a pen or other makeup could accidentally pop it open. The True Dimensions lip product this time is called "Pink Cherie" and it's a really pretty bubblegum pink color.

MK also sent a lip gloss in "Au Naturale" and suggests applying a dab to the center of the bottom lip for extra shine and dimension after you apply the lipstick. If you're one to wear both on all parts of your lips, then go for it. This gloss color reminds me of MAC gloss that I've had for years except that it has a little more shimmer to it. (I can't think of the name but I'll try to find out!)

And last, but definitely not least, in this beauty review, MK sent me a setting spray and I'm super pumped about it! The makeup finishing spray is meant for serious staying power so if you're needing it to not smudge for an event or something, I'd try it out.

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