Wednesday, August 8

Nada, Zilch, Goose Egg

As you probably remember, the hubbard and I are trying to conceive. It wasn't entirely planned out but I was getting towards the end of one of my birth control packs and we just decided not to take the pills anymore. We went on a trip to the lake over Memorial Day and we were pretty messed up the entire weekend. I was definitely regretting all that partying when I got to work that next week. I sort of "forgot" to take my pills any of those nights and after some convincing, Jerry said it was okay with him if I didn't take them anymore. I wasn't going to argue!

I'm pretty sure we looked like this the whole time.

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Sorry if this is TMI but I had my period the week after we got back from the lake. Several months go by and still nothing. After each passing week that I am supposed to start my next cycle I take pregnancy tests at home. But they kept coming up negative. I thought I might be pregnant but I had to keep telling myself that I wasn't and to be patient. My body would tell me if I really was. Some of the signs were there but still no positive test. So I decided to make an appointment with my OB-GYN.

I got blood work done last week because if, by chance, all the home tests I were taking were faulty, the blood test would definitely tell me if I was pregnant or not. I met with the doctor two days later and the test was negative. I wasn't so much concerned that I wasn't pregnant but that I hadn't started my period yet. The doctor said it was normal not to get pregnant this quickly especially right after coming off birth control. She gave me some medicine to make me start my next cycle and then we would go from there.

After several days of thinking, we decided to wait. For one, I don't have medical insurance. I had it through my employer but our medical practice got kicked off because we didn't have enough employees on the plan. I just didn't sign on with a new plan. And if I could go back in time and sign up then, I wouldn't be in the stressful situation I'm in now. I was kind of looking for a plan but at that time, all payers told me that in order for maternity to be covered you had to be in a plan with your employer or in a family plan. My husband has a heart condition so it is a little hard for any insurance to cover us because of that. I had gotten denied twice because of that so I gave up looking and was just going to get pregnant and hope that TennCare picked me up. After finding out that I wasn't pregnant after all, we decided to try and get insurance one last time. Jerry has BCBS and his heart condition is covered with that so whenever we do switch to a family plan, getting BCBS myself would be an easier transition. I got accepted Monday this week but the downside is that there is a ten-month waiting period. I still thought I could get pregnant now and I wouldn't have the baby until after that waiting period had expired but then they would probably deny the delivery as being pre-existing. I took some time to think about it again and we officially decided we are going to wait another year to try to have a baby. My whole issue was that I wanted to be under thirty to have at least two kids but the more I think about it, the more I think it's no big deal. If we start trying next year, I'll be 28 by the time the kid pops out and I am okay with that. I don't want to go back on birth control though for fear my body does this again when we're ready next year. Jerry will just have to suck it up and wear condoms for ten months.

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