Thursday, July 12

Room make-overs

Jerry and I bought a house this past November and it is the perfect starter home. We don't have a dining room, which I don't mind, but there are three bedrooms AND a separate loft area for Jerry's office. It also has a garage and a fenced in backyard. My favorite is probably having a garage. No more running through the rain to the front door! It has an "open" concept, in that the living room's ceiling goes all the way to the top where the ceiling would be for the second floor. The kitchen is open as well but there are beams to make up the four corners.

This is one of the beams in the kitchen.

The mirror above the mantle kind of shoes the openness of the room.

I tend to think that I have pretty good decorating skills but Pinterest is the devil. If you don't have a Pinterest, get one. It's a place to keep boards of inspirational, motivational, decorating ideas. I stay on there ALL day long. No joke. Recently I found this picture. And I loved the grays with the pop of coral. I also love the idea of putting soap in a mason jar.


And then I saw this picture.

I loved that this person mixed prints. Actually, I love everything. The striped wall, floral shower curtain, damask-like bath rug in front of the sink. Everything. Our bathroom right now are all blues. It came with blue speckled tiles so we have a solid navy shower curtain and rug. I bought some $1 signs from Target recently that had teal mixed in with the navy so I bought teal towels to have an equal amount of teal and navy. Last weekend, the shower curtain was pulled open and the sun was shining through the window and I noticed that the floors were gray and black speckled. We've been in this house for over six months and I just now noticed that. I felt like a dummy. After seeing the pictures above, and especially after the realization of color, I told myself that I needed to re-do my bathroom. I also decided on a few other things thanks to Pinterest. 

I'll be framing my mirror.


I'll also be painting the inside of my drawers coral, probably.


How much more exciting could it get for me knowing that I get to re-do some rooms in our home? I'm pumped!! I almost forgot to mention that we hired Granite Transformations to re-do our kitchen and bathrooms. They specialize in granite overlays, not full granite. So there is no demolition. We're replacing our kitchen counters, sink, faucet, and getting a fabulous subway style backsplash. The bathrooms are getting new counters and just the master bath is getting a new vessel sink and faucet. They will be doing their install this coming Monday and Tuesday. But I wanted to get things done before then. So here's the run-down of my current home To Do List.

1. Buy wood pieces to frame the mirror.

2. Paint bathroom cabinets black with coral on the inside like the last picture, above.
3. Paint white stripes on one wall (our walls are already gray).  DONE
4. Pour soap in mason jars and poke holes in lids and insert pumps.  DONE

I also have a project going for the wall along the stairs. I got my inspiration from...Pinterest, of course!

I don't know why this above section is highlighted with a white background and I can't get it to go away...

Our last name is Lee so collecting these L's will be so much fun!

Other things on my To Do List:
1. Paint the back of the front door black.
2. Put together media shelf in the office upstairs.
3. Make home-made grout cleaner and use on master bathroom (I'll be sure to take pictures!).
4. Buy magnet strip and glue to the inside of bathroom drawer for bobby pins.

I know there's more whirling around in my head but I'm getting distracted so I better run and buy these things before my head explodes from so much planning. Tutorials are in the works for these future projects. Be looking for them :)

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