Wednesday, August 15

Updates on the house

I wanted have this amazing mash-up blog of different topics like fashion, relationships, DIY, and my attempt at being fit but blogs are hard to keep up with! I don't know how some people do it. I'm going to make it my goal to have at least one really really good post about something that pertains to people my age. I thought about doing that in this post but I wanted to give an update on some of my home revisions.

We moved in our house in November last year and I picked out navy to be our master bath color. The tiles were a speckled navy and light blue color so I thought navy would look really good! A few weekends ago, the sun was shining in the window above the shower and I noticed that these tiles were actually gray. I must need my eyes checked because the gray was very apparent. My mind began to spin in ways to fix this. I made a post with pictures of ideas that I liked and I finally gotten it all fixed. Our walls in the entire house are gray. In some lights they look purple and in other lights they look taupe. Compared to the gray speckled tiles in the bathroom, they looked more taupe. I bought a white shower curtain with these cute ruffles at the top and bottom, a black and white flower bath rug, white frames, and I painted thick white stripes on one wall.

We also just got new counter tops in the kitchen and both bathrooms and new sinks. Our bathroom counters were called "White Star" and has more of a mosaic look with glass specks in it. The sink is a basic, clear vessel bowl and I am in love with it all! Isn't it adorable?

I wanted to keep things mainly black/gray and white with just a little bit of coral. You can see the coral flowers in the picture but I still have on my project list to paint the inside of the drawers of the cabinet. I bought those acrylic bottles like from Hobby Lobby in three different coral/orange colors. As soon as I get around to it, I'll have a blast doing it.

I wasn't going to mention this but those mason jars on the counter? I made those!! I bought the jars at Hobby Lobby and small plastic pump bottles because I couldn't find the pumps separate. I wasn't quite sure how to make a hole in the top of the jar's lid but I soon realized it was super easy to hammer a screwdriver to start the hole. I had some all-purpose glue in one of my junk drawers so I was able to glue the soap pump to the hole in the jar lid. And after an hour or so of drying (just to make sure it wouldn't drip in the soap), they were good to fill up with soap and use! I thought about just using too but I tend to keep my face wash out on the counter so I have one for hand soap, one for Germ-X, and the other for face wash.

And if you want to make a cute make up brush holder like the one I have on the right of the counter, I just filled up an open vase with clear stones and placed them accordingly. Some people have used coffee beans or colored sand. That is up to you. Luckily I had that vase left over from the candy bar at our wedding so I was happy to be able to reuse it.

The kitchen was re-done too with new counters, backsplash, and sink.

We have gotten a new 2 cu ft Samsung Microwave put up since this picture too but I haven't taken a new picture yet. Gorgeous, right?!

I think you can tell from this picture but the kitchen used to be painted green. There is still green in this picture around the inside frame of that window cut-out over the sink. Now that the back splash covers up most of it, there is still green to the right of the sink on the wall of the pantry and to the left of the fridge around the actual window and below that where we keep the trash can. I love the brightness of the green but I feel as though it's really random now.

I also decided to change up the pictures along the wall of the stairs. I had put up several wedding pictures but I wanted to change that. I have no clue when you're supposed to take down wedding pictures, but I figured a year and a half was long enough. One of my bestie's Lauren, had this massive L that someone gave her and she said I could have it so I was glad to take it off her hands. I ordered several other L's and put them up beside it. There were a few wedding frames that I didn't reuse the frames so I put them in one of the bedrooms upstairs.

This was what it originally looked like.

And this is what it looks like now.

I am absolutely in love!! I had to rearrange it a couple of times, but needless to say, I am happy with this arrangement so it'll stay :)

Home improvement projects are one of my favorite things to do so if any of my friends want/need me to come over and help with any of that, or decorating for that matter too, I'm your girl!!

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