Thursday, July 5

Girl meets boy

In my last post I mentioned going back and re-telling some stories from my old blog. So I figured why not start from the very beginning of how I met my husband.

To start that story, I should probably give you a little background information on my family. My dad is a music minister. We've moved several times so we don't get upset anymore. It's one of those things we're just used to. I think I might can dig up a picture or two of him in action.

 This was our old church in East Ridge, TN. The sanctuary had just been remodeled.

This is what pisses me off. We were at this church in East TN for fourteen years and whomever uploaded this picture of my dad spelled our last name wrong. It's supposed to be GRANLUND. That is really besides the point. These were the only pictures I could find...

If you really want the very beginning, I was born in Florida but only lived there for two years. We then moved to Rossville, GA but was at the church from the pictures above. Seven years later, we moved houses, over the line in TN, but still at the same church and was there for another seven years. We then moved to Mt. Olive, AL. I spent the "growing up" years there so if anyone asks me where I'm from, I will most likely tell them Alabama. In 2006 we moved to Lebanon, TN and we have been in this area ever since.

I had worked as a receptionist at an OB-GYN facility in Birmingham so I had tried to find a similar job here but that didn't come so easily. I decided to take a job as a Key Holder at LifeWay Christian stores. A new hire started about six months later in 2007, named Benton. He was pretty cute but I knew from his shy demeanor that it would take a while for him to build up the courage to ask me out. Shortly after, his friend, Jerry, added me on Myspace.

This is Benton.

This is Jerry.

Jerry: So Benton tells me that I should add you because you don't have any friends.
Me: Did he? Why would he say that?

I wish now that we would have saved some of our earlier conversations because they were pretty hilarious. I think he's got a conversation saved from my old best friend grilling him to make sure he'd be a good guy to date me. Haha. I remember talking about him riding around topless during an outing to Murfreesboro and I was thinking he was really riding around topless. But then I found out his mustang was as convertible so I felt pretty stupid.

At the same time another friend of Benton, Justin, found me on Myspace as well. Out of the two, Justin is definitely the more aggressive one. We talked more often than Jerry and I. After about a month, we decided to go out on a date. But not Justin and I. And not Jerry and I. But all three of us. I wish I had a picture from that night.
And this is Justin. I met him with long hair like Jerry's but I couldn't find any older pictures. But he wore this hat a lot in the beginning so this one will do.

We decided to go on a date to Chili's. I had plans that night already with a customer from LifeWay but I met up with them afterwards for dinner. I did this face modeling thing that night. And it wasn't anything where pictures were taken. It was simply to show off the new make-up lines with Mary Kay. The boys still give me hell about it when it was really nothing. I remember Jerry being super quiet and Justin being the talkative one, winking at me every chance he got. We got up to leave and I offered for Jerry to sit by me while we were waiting on the checks and I pretty much had to tell him that I didn't bite in order for him to sit down.

We went to see Ghost Rider that weekend. Jerry picked me up in his mustang with Justin riding shotgun. After dropping me off, Justin hugged me by but Jerry stayed in the car. Again, I had to basically force him out to hug me too.

Next thing I know Jerry is asking me to be his girlfriend. But this is how he did it...

Jerry: Meghan Granlund, do you want to be my girlfriend?
Me: YES!!
After several minutes of nothing...
Jerry: April Fools'!!

I swear, this is what I must have looked like after reading that text.

I was furious. April Fool's was on a Sunday that year and I was out at lunch with some of my friends after church. I literally threw my phone across the little area where we were waiting for our table. Jerry knew I was mad because he texted me back and apologized. I forgave him and we began our courtship.

I could keep going in this post, but to tell the rest of the story leading up to our married life now would take a while. So I'll spare you the hour and a half to read all of that and write it in another post.

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