Monday, July 9

Mrs. Lee

I wanted to finish up my story of how the Jerbear and I met. I knew if I started on another story that I might run off with the bunnies and never come back.

Let me think of where I left off. 

Oh yeah!! I was re-telling the story of how he asked me to be his girlfriend. We were an official couple Sunday, April 1st, 2007. That Tuesday, his family asked us to go see a Predators game in Nashville. His mom's co-worker had gotten us box seats so we were super pumped about it. 

As the night began to wind down, his dad said he was going to walk around the arena for little while. We didn't think anything of it but then his mom disappeared later to find him. Several minutes passed and she called Jerry to say that his dad had to go to the ER. We both looked at each other a little terrified. I found out that his dad had heart problems. He didn't have a heart attack or anything but because of the irregularities, the EMS had to get him to take a pill that pretty much stopped his heart and they used the defibrillators to start it back on a normal rhythm. We left the hockey game early to meet them at the hospital and it was pouring down rain. If the heart issue wasn't scary enough, the windshield wipers were not working during the storm so we had to drive ten mph in order to see anything in front of us. People were yelling at us left and right! It was funny thinking back on it.

I found out later in our relationship that Jerry had heart problems as well. They were not related to that of his dad; his was a birth defect. In a nutshell, humans are meant to have tricuspid heart valves. He was only born with a bicuspid valve, specifically his aortic valve. He had his first surgery when he was nine, replacing those valves. And he'll eventually have to have another one. Just not at the moment. I'll get more in to this in a later post. But here's what his heart looks like compared to others.

I don't know if there are words to describe how perfect we are for each other. We are complete opposites and have nothing in common but it works for us. The things that keep us together are similar qualities, not interests. We both have compassion for our community, are strong green-go-ers, have love for our family and friends, and every single thing just pairs well together. 

The weekend after my birthday in 2009, we had a date planned at the movies and were going to buy edible arrangements to bring back to my house for Mother's Day the next day. Our parents were supposed to meet for the first time that night. Dinner was at my house and the whole family was just going to eat and enjoy each other's company. We walk in the door and the first person I see is one of my old best friend's Sarah. Then I begin to look around the room and not only is Sarah there but her boyfriend, my family, Jerry's family, and several of our other really good friends.

No one had ever thrown a surprise birthday party for me so, of course, I cried. But the night gets better. After we eat and are getting ready to cut the cake, his dad gets all up in my face and I naturally back up because I am not one for intrusion on my personal space. He moves out of the way and Jerry is on the floor, on one knee, with a cake in his hand and a ring on top. 

I could not believe my eyes. Jerry was proposing to me in front of everyone! Not knowing how to react, I ran and hid behind my bestie, Lauren, on the screened-in porch.

I hesitated making any moves and everyone is yelling for me to come back in. 

All I could do was walk up to Jerry, hug him, kiss him, cry more, and nod my head yes. It was the best day of my entire life. And he spoiled me A LOT in the beginning. I will never forget this day.
Being three years younger than me, Jerry wanted to wait to get married for a while. But I, on the other hand, wanted to get married the next day if I could. We had tentatively chose to wait until October 2011. I had picked out gray and yellow as my colors. In August 2010, I was talking with my parents about the wedding date and my dad suggested January 1st. 01-01-11. How had I not thought about that date? Cool, huh? I ran back upstairs to tell Jerry and we decided right then and there to move the date up to the 1st. Then, there was the planning period. Four months wasn't all that much time to get things perfectly planning but we did it. And our wedding was, indeed, perfect!!

There is not much to say about the ceremony. I was the princess of my ball and any girl would be lucky to be in those shoes. I was thankful to have such loving family and friends to experience it with. We loved, we laughed, we ate, and we danced the night away.

I started to leave a few pictures of the wedding but I thought it would be better to put up some of the funny ones....ENJOY!!

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