Tuesday, July 3

Back at it again


I know what you're thinking. She has another blog?? Yes. Yes I do, but it's not that bad. I could be like some of my friends who have started like three or four at this point. It's fun seeing those said friends starting new blogs because they are, in fact, always better than the first. I'm a little bit jealous of that. I tried sticking with my original for so long now but just couldn't. Plus, it was tied up with my old email address and I was thinking about getting rid of it. And on top of that, no one read it. I mean, I blog more for my own reasons than to gain attention from others but it is still nice to know people care enough to read it. That is also not meant to say that my friends didn't care about me...bleh...are you seeing what I'm trying to get at? Anyway...

I will most likely go back and write about several of my stories on the old blog, but for now I thought I'd start out with what's currently on my mind. And you know what that is?

(source unknown, comment below if known)
and more babies.

I've got the baby fever. BAD. It's something that just started recently too. My husband, Jerry, and I got married January 1st, 2011 but have been together for about five and a half years total. He is three years younger than me so having a child is the farthest thing from his mind. Now that I've hit 26, babies are all I can think about. I had always thought I'd have at least a couple of kids before I turned 30 and Jerry tells me he wants to wait, and wait, and wait some more.

This past March, I had some back issues so I was put on anti-inflammatories as well as anti-biotics and doctors have said that it could cancel out your birth control. With Jerry being the cautious guy that he is, we rarely had sex because he didn't want me to get pregnant. I, on the other hand, seduced him every chance I got. This is probably what I looked like in order for him to forget about babies. LOL.

(source unknown, comment below if known)

I also was at the last two weeks of my pack and I decided to just quit taking the pills. I didn't tell Jerry until after the fact. Sneaky, sneaky, huh? BUT it didn't work because I didn't get pregnant. So I got back on the pack. We talked things through and concluded that even though I wanted a baby right away, it was the best thing to wait. We had tons of credit card debt as well as a mortgage we had to pay for every month. He didn't feel we were very financially stable at the time.

A month or so ago, Jerry's boss gave him a three dollar raise and a potential two more dollars if he met a certain quota at work. We have managed our money pretty well but with a definite three extra dollars in a 50-60 hour work week, we felt like we were swimming in money!! Our first thoughts were LET'S HAVE A BABY!!!! And that is what we have been trying to do. Pretty exciting, huh?!

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