Tuesday, March 25

ABCs of Spring

I'm beyond stoked, as I'm sure you are too, that Spring is upon us! I really hope that Old Man Winter doesn't want to make one last appearance anytime soon either. From what I hear, there's a chance of snow this week. Noooo!! I'm already hooked on the sunny days, blooming flowers, and brighter clothes to wear to turn back now. Is there some sort of Indian rain dance we can do for sunshine??

So for today, I'm going to do something a little fun. There's no rhyme or reason... it's just 'cause.
A is for Activities. I plan on doing lots of things outside this spring. Staying active is the key.

B is for Bikes. I'm really excited to ride the trails in our city. 10.2 miles, here we come!

C is for Cleaning. I don't love the cleaning aspect but I love the decluttering and organization.

D is for Daffodils. We don't have many of these around, but I love seeing blooming flowers.

E is for Energy. Something about the sun and longer days gives me the umph to do more!

F is for Friends. Warmer weather brings more friends out to hang with. Come chill with us.

G is for The Gatherings concert. If you don't know about this, look it up. They plan lots of "space" music, which we love. We'll see you there.

H is for Hair. I'm pumped for the thought of how long it will be in the coming months. Grow!

I is for Ixthus. I plan on doing more studying of the Bible in these next few months. It's interesting learning things I didn't know anything about as a kid. Keep your minds curious and you'll never stop learning.

J is for Job. I start a new job next week so this season is a season of change. Yay!

K is for Katy Perry. She's coming back to Nashville in a few months and it'll be a blast.

L is for Learning. I'd love to make the time to learn more about Gimp, sewing, makeup application, etc.

M is for May. It's my birthday month (the 7th) and I'm ready to plan another Cinco de Mego party!

N is for Nails. Time to break out all of the pastel, neon, and white nail polishes. Gahh, I'm such a girl.

O is for Outdoors. My non-green thumb has lots of landscaping ideas for the house.

P is for Parrrrties. Bring on the multi-colored patio lights, bud light, and slip-n-slides!!

Q is for Quote. I'm itching for some ink and I'm think about getting another quote. But maybe not. We'll see.

R is for Railway. We might be up for a trip with Amtrak. Trains always fascinate me.

S is for Swimwear. I've got tons of swimsuits but it's always fun to buy new ones with the pretty floral prints.

T is for Travel. We've got another overseas trip planned this season. Can I just be a professional traveler?

U is for Uno. I LOVE playing cards during the warmer months. I don't know what it is about it, just do.

V is for Visits. I really want to get away from my normal routine and start visiting more people.

W is for Water. It will soon be time to get out on the lake and/or beach and relax away all of the stress.

X is for eXcitement. I'll be like 2 minutes from my favorite Japanese place with this new job. Yum yum.

Y is for YOLO. Boy, I wish this restaurant was still open in Nashville. I need to find a replacement. And soon!

Z is for Zion. I'm looking forward to lots and lots of nephew time.

What things are you looking forward to most about Spring??

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