Friday, October 19

Fall fashion

I'm not, by any means, a fashion expert, but I tend to think of myself in that light. I like to think that I know what is in style and what is not and I can put together one fierce outfit. It only gives me validation when random people stop me on the street and ask where I get certain items that I'm wearing. In that being said, I wanted to give a little run-down of what is HOT this upcoming fall season.

The color I am seeing everywhere, in magazines and on Pinterest, is "Oxblood" or as you  might know it, maroon. It has always been such a rich fall color but it has come back in full swing. You see it on celebrity's lips, gowns, shoes, and nails. I, for one, wouldn't choose any better color. Fall's colors need to be rich and full. Other colors that might be out and about are jewel tones, like royal blues, deep purples, greens, etc. I couldn't wait to try out the oxblood color. I had thought about being really bold and buying some ankle booties in that color but now-a-days, I want my shoes to be versatile throughout the whole year so I decided to try the color on my lips and nails (and later on with jeans if I decide to buy this pair I've been eyeing at Forever 21). You can find those jeans here. Lustrous Colored Skinny Jean By the way, I'm your average girl, wearing a size 12, and their Plus size jeans fit me perfect, not cutting off the circulation at my knees and not rising so low that I get arrested for too much crack on me. They have that color in their regular sizes as well but the link is to the Plus sized. The color lipstick I decided on trying by chance because it was sealed at the store was called "Mulberry" by L'oreal, number 710. It's a super rich color and is more on the grape side as opposed to the cranberry side. I also got L'oreal's anti-feathering lip liner called "Lasting Plum".

Another trend that I am loving is polka dots. And not the annoying colorful dots or really big dots, but small dots in neutrals. It would be super easy to mix prints with a neutral dot. And this is perfect example of another Fall trend, animal print, which I'll talk about in a bit.


In the shoe realm, ankle booties are so much fun this season. In addition to me being pretty average in size, I'm tall too; 5'10" to be exact. Does that scare me away from wearing heeled boots for Fall? NOPE. In fact, I have to act like I have the confidence wearing whatever I'm wearing because with my new found height, people are likely to be staring at the Amazon woman that just passed them.

I have these and LOVE them! They go with everything!!

(source unknown, comment below if known)

I also have these.

(source known, comment below if known)

Probably my favorite trend this season is animal print. Leopard print, in particular, is so classic looking to me. And you can wear it at almost any age. My mom, who just turned 60 this past March, and a very fabulous 60 with a rockin' ass, has been following the trend by buying a couple of the blousey tops. I try to keep my animalistic items low key. I have a leopard skinny belt, a pair of peep-toe kitten wedges from Target that I purchased several years ago--and I wanted to provide a link to buy them but couldn't find one--, and a gorgeous scarf. I even just recently bought some khaki-ish skinny jeans from Forever 21 with almost an iridescent animal print to it. You can only see it when the light hits it a certain way. Otherwise, since I'm not the skinniest girl alive, I probably would have opted out of buying them. The picture I posted above with the polka dot shirt is a beautiful way to wear both together.
My suggestions are:

(source unknown, comment below if known)


Or a scarf or this:

No matter what trend you're wanting to try this season, wear it with confidence and don't buy in bulk. Some trends don't stick around while others replay season after season. Keep that in mind and ENJOY!

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